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The unstable sportof skyrunning, where sprinters set themselves in opposition to mountain trails at elevations of over 2000m, is a genuine trial of strength. Run by the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF), skyrunning started as a serious game in Italy in 1994 and in a couple of years has pulled in armies of fanatic sprinters across the world looking for an additional test. One of the ISF’s generally esteemed and mainstream occasions is the yearly Skyrunner World Series, and a leg of the Series is going on this July at the Face de Bellevarde in the dazzling environmental factors of the Val d’Isère. So the thing would you say you are sitting tight for? Escape your mid year occasion chalet and hurl yourself entirely into skyrunning: the Vertical Kilometer anticipates you!


To effectively finish the course and reserve the privilege to consider yourself an appropriate skyrunner you’ll need to wend your way up 970m of rebuffing landscape along a complete distance of 3km up to the end goal at 2,798m. Glimmering, extreme and just for the dead-genuine, the Face de Bellevarde shows no mercy. Face up or return home – this is a bad situation for the hesitant.


The race takes contenders up the difficult incline of the Face de Bellevarde, site of the Men’s declining ski race at the 1992 Winter Olympics. You and your kindred skyrunners will leave in a steady progression at 30-second stretches, and from that point on it’s you and the mountain – really at that time will you know whether you’ve genuinely got it in you to skyrun with the best, or whether you ought to have quite recently remained in your mid year occasion chalet with the rest. Figure you can destroy the set of experiences books? The men’s record for this course is an exceptional 33 minutes and 34 seconds, set by the French ski mountain climber Xavier Gachet a year ago, while the ladies’ record is held by the French sprinter Christel Dewalle, a legend of the game, who set a similarly amazing season of 38 minutes and 11 seconds that very year. On your imprints, get set, go!

Who can enter

The Vertical Kilometer is available to all, with proficient sprinters and sharp beginners the same contending to vanquish the Face de Bellevarde and positively influence this generally one of a kind of sports. Rival your mates and discover who has the industriousness, the strength and the will to look down the Face… and win.

The most effective method to enter

Assurance your opportunity to be a piece of this generally epic of undertakings by enlisting now at the Val d’Isère Club des Sports. It will not stand by!


Benefit as much as possible from this fabulous chance by leasing a mid year occasion chalet in the Val d’Isère. Appreciate the hypnotizing scene of the French Alps in summer with your dearest companions as you relax and commend the greatness of finishing the Vertical Kilometer.

Check out the routes.

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