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Should You Go Running With Back Pain?

Back pain can be a true motivation killer. The back is kind of an important part of keeping your running form proper and having a great run. Back pain can arise anywhere in the back, and for a few different reasons. Often, you feel it most in your lower back. But what happens if you’re
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Back pain is very common and usually you can manage it with lifestyle changes, some over the counter pain relief, and a doctor’s visit.

The most common type of back pain is muscle strain. Muscle pain occurs when a muscle is overused and damaged. You can stretch to alleviate muscle strain, and ice to reduce inflammation.

When your back muscle becomes too tight or weak, it causes muscle strain. This can be because you use too much muscle, because you’re carrying heavy items, or you’re lifting your child too heavy.

For example, your back muscle may become strained when you pick up your toddler, or when you run up a hill, which makes you hold back. When your muscles get too tight or weak it’s very common for it to pull on your vertebrae and pinch nerves.

Back pain is a big fear, and there are a lot of myths about back pain.

If you really want to get rid of back pain, make sure you do these 10 things:

  1. Get a good night’s sleep – This is the number 1 way to prevent back pain. Back pain increases as you sleep on your stomach or back. If you wake up with back pain, get up and move around.
  2. Get a good exercise routine – You don’t have to be a runner to get some exercise. If you want to run for exercise, do it but make sure you do strength training, yoga, or Pilates to prevent back pain.
  3. Reduce stress – Back pain often goes away when you get back to a calm, relaxed state. When you are calm and relaxed, you are less likely to get back pain.
  4. Stop smoking – Back pain can also be caused by smoking. You’re going to feel worse when you start to have pain. If you really want to quit smoking, see a doctor or have a support group.
  5. Don’t work in uncomfortable positions – If you’re sitting at a computer, your back is in an uncomfortable position. Get a desk that’s at a proper height. If you need to stand up to type, ask your boss if there are any other ways to do that task.
  6. Eat right – Back pain is often caused by inflammation, poor digestion, and digestive problems. Avoid things like fast food, which can cause inflammation and poor digestion. If you eat a healthy diet, you’re more likely to stay healthy.
  7. Drink lots of water – It’s recommended that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, or if you can, start by drinking 8 glasses every 2 hours. This can help your body stay healthy.
  8. Do a little more exercise – If you think your back is getting worse, then do some exercise. Yoga, running, or riding a bike are all good options. Find a way that you like and do a little bit every day. You’ll soon feel better.
  9. Use an online support group – There are plenty of online support groups that will help you. You can connect with others who are experiencing the same problems, and you can get ideas for solutions.
  10. Find other ways to cope – Back pain can really be a pain, but it can be very painful and prevent you from enjoying life. If you have to deal with back pain every day, do what you can to make it more bearable. Talk to your doctor about medications that may help. You can try taking painkillers, or see a physiotherapist for other ways to manage it.

It’s easy to say that you will stay in shape by following a strict diet and exercise plan, but this is just not true. If you are looking for a more realistic way to stay fit, look at a program that combines diet and exercise. You can join a fitness club, hire a personal trainer, or take a boot camp class. There are plenty of other ways to keep fit, but you need to be realistic and find what works for you.

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