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Can I Wear Running Shoes Without Insoles?

Have you ever bought a pair of shoes only to find out that the more you wear them, the less comfortable they become? The insole may be to blame. This small part of the shoe offers support and cushioning and helps to create the right

Best Sustainable Running Shoes in 2021

  Did you know that almost every pair of running shoes you’ve owned in the past had had a negative effect on the environment? From the material to the manufacturing process, the comfy, sturdy running shoes on your feet are much less eco-friendly than you

EP 537: When Your Doctor Says, “Stop Running” Most of us inevitably recruit a team that support our running.  This could be a running partner, coach, crew, pacers, etc.  One key teammate that you might consider is an Athletic Trainer.   Guest co-host, Krissy Moehl, shares her experience with having someone on her

Best Heated Knee Wraps For Runners in 2021

  Heat therapy has been proven to be an effective treatment for knee pain. Whether your knee pain is a result of overuse, an injury, or arthritis, using heat to relieve knee pain is worth trying. We’ve reviewed the best heated knee wraps for runners.

How Long Does Runner’s High Last?

Why do you run? While we’ll all have different answers to this question, chances are that running makes you feel good. You can be physically spent after a race, but there’s always that element of pride, joy, and excitement that you’ve finished. Sometimes these feelings