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The Trappings of Magnanimity

The post The Trappings of Magnanimity appeared first on iRunFar. Sabrina Little explores the virtue of magnanimity and how to avoid its vices in running. The Trappings of Magnanimity by Sabrina Little…. Read More

The Best Good Carbs For Runners

All human bodies need certain nutrients. But athletes need to pay closer attention to these nutrients in order to maximize their body’s performance! The main macronutrients we need are protein, carbs, and fat. Some “healthy cultures” (diet plan, fitness gurus, etc) tell us that carbs

The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running

The post The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running appeared first on iRunFar. These commandments of healthy running will lead you to a lifetime of fast and far running. The 10 Commandments of Healthy Running by Joe Uhan…. Read More

Pros And Cons Of A Protein Shake After Running

Do you drink protein shakes? Protein is known to be an important muscle-building nutrient when used with resistance training, but is it effective to use after a run? Most people know that protein is one of the big three essential nutrients we need to eat

TRX Workouts and Exercises For Runners

Runners should be incorporating some form of resistance training into their workout routines. Not only will it strengthen the relevant running muscles, but it can help to avoid muscle imbalances that could lead to injury. If you’re averse to the idea of lifting weights, investing

15 Running Tips When Traveling

Whether you travel for work, family, or simply for enjoyment, chances are your exercise routine goes out the window while you’re away from home. It happens to us all! Being unfamiliar with the area, without a regular schedule (or perhaps on someone else’s schedule), or