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EP 607: AJW Launches His Own Podcast!

After years of base training, AJW has put his podcast bib on and launching his own podcast, “Crack a Brew With AJW”. Andy will have discussions with members of the trail and ultra-community to sit down, have a beverage and discuss running, life and how the two intersect. 

We play his first episode in its entirety with Courtney Dauwalter, fresh off her win and course record at the Bandera 100K in January 2022 where she also won a Golden Ticket for the 2023 Western States 100

Andy has an amazing lineup of guests for his first season, and you will not want to miss them. We will be promoting how to find and subscribe to his podcast soon – our crew is still working on all the details. Follow AJW on Twitter, FaceBook or Instagram as we button up the details. Of course, we will let you know on all our channels where and when to listen and subscribe. 

If you want to learn more about Courtney, listen to these previous episodes with her

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Courtney Dauwalter Sets the Bar at Moab 200- 238 miles in 57 HOURS !!!

Hire Andy as a coach! or check out his weekly Tap Room at iRunFar 

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