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Endurance runners love to eat!  However nutrition for endurance running can be a moving target.  Experimentation is key and once you think you have it figured out, you don’t.  We found four nutritional experts to help us understand more about nutrition.  

Merideth Terranova, experienced ultra runner, swimmer and athlete with a degree in Human Nutrition and Consumer Science.  Check out her website with coaching options.

Matt Fitzgerald, Athlete, Coach, Author and Speaker is a certified sports nutritionist including many on nutrition.  Check out his new running camp concept, Endeavorun

Stephanie Howe is a PhD in Nutrition and Exercise Science and elite athlete.  Check out her coaching and web site with many great recipes

Bob Seebohar is a board certified specialist in Sports Dietetics and former director of sports nutrtition for the University of Florida and served as a sports dietitian for the US Olympic Committee.  Hire him as a coach

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