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EP 551: The Art of Running Free

“You’re off to Great Places, today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, so…get on your way!” – Dr. Seuss

Trail running is more than exercise, it is moving meditation with nature.

Do you want some of this? Are you considering trail running? You might have some apprehensions.

In this episode we talk with long time trail runners Brian Metzler and Doug Meyer about trail running basics from where to find a trail to running gear, fueling and safety.  Their stories and step by step process will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to begin your journey on the trail.  Already a long-time veteran?  You might be able to recall some of the stories where you learned the importance of hydration, fueling, alluding bears, etc.

Doug and Brian recently published, “Trail Running Illustrated: The Art of Running Free”, a great reference for anyone that enjoys or wants to enjoy the trail.

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