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#RunYourOwnTrail with Latinas Run

Running to champion health and wellness in the Latino community Participants at the 2021 Latinas Run Summit Run Your Own Trail supports participation of women on the trails and elevates female voices in the outdoors. Emphasizing individuality of female runners, Run Your Own Trail tells

Going Far, Together

A Blog By UD Athlete Kriste Peoples There’s no relationship like a running relationship. If I weren’t a runner myself, I’d find it hard to believe the people I hit the trails with so often and rarely see in street clothes or formal wear would

Tips for a Successful FKT

By Ultimate Direction athlete, Suzanne (Sunny) Stroeer On October 23rd, 2020, Suzanne Stroeer, Christin Healy and Lexi Miller set the Women’s unsupported FKT on the Grand Canyon R2R2R-Alt in 22h 27m 20s. This is Suzanne’s story. Suzanne Stroeer on the GC R2R2R-Alt. Photographer: Christin Healy I like

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