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EP 642: From Pavement to Path: Mastering Running on All Surfaces In this episode, we delve deep into the often-overlooked synergy between road and trail running with Coach Ian Sharman. As head coach at Sharman Ultra and a seasoned ultra-distance trail runner, Ian brings a unique perspective, showcasing the merits and benefits of embracing both terrains in training.

EP 641: The Evolution of a Bigfoot 200 Champion Today, we’ve got an extraordinary guest who truly personifies the spirit of relentless improvement—Mika Thewes. She has not only completed the grueling Bigfoot 200 ultra-marathon five times but has also managed to get faster with each and every race! In this episode, we’ll delve

EP 640: The Pain Cave In this must-listen episode of Trail Runner Nation, we explore the enigmatic “Pain Cave”—a space every runner knows but wishes to avoid. Our exceptional panel includes ultra-marathon champions Jeff Browning, Michael Wardian, and Courtney Dauwalter, as well as sports science expert Alex Hutchinson. They join us to dissect

EP 639: Endurance off the Trail- Downhill Racing with Steven Nyman We have a special treat for all those seeking inspiration from the world of endurance sports. Imagine hurtling down treacherous slopes at breakneck speeds, defying gravity, and pushing the limits of human ability. Our guest needs no introduction in the world of alpine racing

EP 638: Drop Bag with AJW: Mix and Match! It has been a long time since we have done a drop bag episode.  Andy Jones-Wilkins takes a break from his Crack-A-Brew podcast to compare what is in his drop bag.   …Read More

EP 637: Trail Runner’s Guide to Better Biomechanics Have you ever been told, you are heal striking, you shouldn’t do that!  You need to land on your forefoot or midfoot!  And after trying, became frustrated and given up? Today we are going to speak with an expert on gait, balance and stability

EP 636: I Can’t Wait to Be Patient Are you patient?  Can you find benefits of being more patient?  Returning expert and ultra runner, Dr. Rob Bell. helps us with some strategies that can help us be more patient.  A certified Mental Performance Coach and author of “I Can’t Wait to Be Patient

EP 635: Why Are Runners Suddenly so Fast? This year it seems like course records throughout trail running have been dropping like flies.  UltraRunning Magazine lists hundreds of new records for both men and women on their site.  Some of these records are decades old.  Are we getting faster?  It sure seems like

EP 634: Beyond Carbs – The Ketogenic Edge Welcome to today’s episode, where we explore an exhilarating topic that’s been gaining traction within the endurance sports community: the fascinating role of ketones in enhancing athletic performance. Ketones, a type of fuel utilized by the body when glucose levels are low, have proven

EP 633: Training Your Brain to Outlast the Long Run Good friend, Dr. Phil Maffetone, joins us again to help us understand how important music can be to improve the neuroplasticity of your brain and enter the alpha state.  What does this mean for an endurance runner?  Dr. Maffetone explains why you should care!