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EP 664: Decoding Longevity: Lessons from ‘Outlive’ In today’s episode, we are going to open the bookstore and review the book “Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity”by Dr. Peter Attia. This book offers a radical approach to longevity, emphasizing proactive, personalized strategies over the reactive methods of mainstream medicine. Today, we’ll

EP 663: Endurance Lessons from Rowing Across the Atlantic

We return to our ‘Endurance Of The Trail” Series in this episode with our friend Major Brian “Tosh” Chontosh, United States Marine Corps, Retired.  He recounts his extraordinary journey of participating in The World’s Roughest Row, rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean with his team

EP 662: From Random Words to Trail Tales: A Lighthearted Ultrarunning Discussion In this episode, we dive into the unique intersection of everyday vocabulary and the expansive world of trail and ultrarunning. We are joined by the ever-insightful Warren Pole and the ultrarunning sage, Andy Jones-Wilkins, for a lighthearted yet profound discussion that ties the randomness of language to

EP 661: Classic Ultramarathon Beginnings Dive into the Thrilling World of Ultra Running with Historian Davy Crockett! Join hosts us in an exhilarating journey through the untold history and fascinating evolution of ultra marathons. Discover the legendary races that shaped the sport: from the historic Comrades Marathon to the enigmatic Barkley Marathons. Learn

EP 650: BONUS MILES- From Metabolic Profiling to Peak Health In this bonus episode, we are talking about metabolism.  We have learned a lot of great information, strategies, and tactics while we have been partnered with MetPro, an innovative program offering personalized health and fitness strategies and coaching. The episode features insights from Mike, who

EP 659: The Endurance Eats Enigma: What to Consume When the Miles Add Up This episode is focused on the fuel that drives endurance athletes. It’s a world where what you eat isn’t just about satisfying hunger; it’s about strategy, precision, and sometimes, survival. Joining us from Australia are two experts of sports dietetics, Steph Gaskell and Alan

EP 658: Fueling for Endurance Dr. Latt Mansor joins The Nation to discuss how metabolic flexibility and fat adaptation can significantly improve endurance running performance. He discusses the roles of different fuel sources, emphasizing that fats and ketones are more efficient for endurance athletes than proteins. Additionally, Dr. Mansor highlights

EP 657: From Start to Finish: Laying out Your Running Calendar In this episode, we talk about the strategic aspects of building a race calendar, emphasizing the importance of setting clear goals and having backup plans. Coaches Ian Sharman and Stefanie Flippin join us to help us understand some ways to approach building a race calendar.  The conversation goes

EP 656: Year-End Audio Magazine In this year-end episode of Trail Runner Nation, we thought we’d publish the last audio magazine for the year. Joining us to create the articles for this edition is Crack-a-Brew podcast host and coach, Andy Jones-Wilkins. Audio Magazine is where we each “write” two magazine articles.  The created

EP 655: Redefining Pain and Performance In this episode, Matt Fitzgerald and Ryan Whited discuss their book ‘Pain and Performance: The Revolutionary New Way to Use Training as Treatment for Pain and Injury’ focusing on training as treatment. They emphasize the effectiveness of using exercise to heal exercise-related pain and injuries. The conversation also delves