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Mindfulness Practices for Runners

Mindfulness and meditation go hand in hand in that they both work to connect our mind to our body so that the two become one. However, for people like me that find traditional meditation to be difficult, mindfulness can be performed in several ways to

Trail Running Essentials: #Vanlife Edition

My #vanlife dreams were spurred by a romantic vision of waking up to a different trail every morning. This article is an overview of items and resources that are unique to living a comfortable trail running life on the road. The post Trail Running Essentials:

Building a Sustainable Adventure

My husband and I have three children, and we have continued in a lifestyle of adventure, excitement, and outdoor pursuits. Building this lifestyle of the past decade has taken intentional thought and development. The post Building a Sustainable Adventure appeared first on Trail Sisters®. …Read

Growing Up in Ultras

Trail and ultra-running may have grown in popularity, but they still, at their core, are what they were when I was a kid, waiting in the muggy dark for my dad to emerge from the woods: they force you to stretch beyond what you thought

More Than Skin Deep

It’s not always easy but can appreciate wherever you are along the spectrum of setting and achieving health and running goals. It can be a great feeling, no matter how much or how little skin you see when standing side profile in your bathroom mirror.

The Saturday Long Run Starts on Friday

I’m at that stage in my next ultra-race training (Kettle Moraine 100k in June 2022) where many of my Saturdays are booked with long runs. Or what I call a date with mother nature, gravel roads, and my trusty gear. I admit, the first few

Most Pain

What continues to surprise me is how quickly a “most pain” moment can be replaced by one that’s worse. The accumulation of these moments over a lifetime is how we gather both grit and grace. I’ll share personal examples with the hope that it will

Riding Tandem With Fear

Learning how to ride a bike as an adult was, and continues to be, fraught with moments of terror. But that hasn’t stopped me from riding; it’s taught me how to ride with fear, thereby overcoming it. Not with fighting or frustration, but acceptance and

Our New Normal

As an outpatient mental health therapist, I have had the opportunity to hear the intimate details of how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted so many lives. There is so much that is still unknown but today I am sharing these observations I’ve made over the

Running with Carnivores

Trail runner, this week’s long run might pass by a mountain lion’s newest cache or a bear’s favorite berry patch. To ensure the safety of both runner and resident, it is vital to understand the carnivores that call your favorite trail home. The post Running