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Add an Egg

Just add an egg… they are a great source of protein and so versatile. One egg has approximately 7g of protein, and, in dietetics is considered the reference protein (100), which all other protein is measured against. This is because an egg has all nine

Lessons Learned from Training with a GOAT

Whether you have a specific running goal in mind or are just looking for a different training perspective, there’s a lot you can learn from working with a coach… The post Lessons Learned from Training with a GOAT appeared first on Trail Sisters®. …Read More

How to Translate Running Fitness into Backpacking Fitness

Many runners are often shocked to discover that their running fitness does not translate equally into backpacking fitness. This is primarily because of something called sport specificity. Bodies are highly adaptable machines that can adjust remarkably well to various training loads. However, when you do

Running and Surviving

My hope is that with my story someone else going through some type of adversity can feel inspired or hopeful, one day at a time, one mile at a time, and know that they are strong and they are not alone. The post Running and

Could You be Suffering from Low Energy Availability?

As female athletes, it’s important to prioritize fueling strategies for performance and recovery. As runners, we want to run well, have optimal energy and recovery so we can do it all over again the next day! The post Could You be Suffering from Low Energy Availability?

Collision Point

Today I am going for a walk. I take no water, and wear only regular shoes. I leave the music and podcasts at home. I don’t want distractions. I need to be here, now. I need to feel it… The post Collision Point appeared first

Your Body Speaks! Listen!

In gentle whispers, your body speaks… In mighty roars, your body speaks… In images or colors, your body speaks… In sensations, your body speaks… The post Your Body Speaks! Listen! appeared first on Trail Sisters®. …Read More

Slow and Steady

Everyone has a journey and a path that leads them to where they are today. I love getting to hear these stories and these journeys as oftentimes they provide some of the most valuable nuggets of inspiration. So here is my story on how I

The Only Way Out is Through

I never really had long trail ultras on my radar. Not before the pandemic anyway. And maybe it’s like other endeavors I’ve seemed to jump into unplanned and underprepared for (not exactly the way I’d recommend doing it, by the way)… The post The Only

Tiramisu Overnight Oats

Overnight oats are a great vehicle for calories and are easily taken on the road while driving to the run location. This recipe is a favorite, as it contains sticky fiber, protein, carbs, and a little caffeine for a pick me up. It is just

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