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Running on Veggies

Embracing a vegetarian lifestyle takes patience and creativity. Like any new endeavor, start small and adjust to find what works for you… The post Running on Veggies appeared first on Trail Sisters®. …Read More

New Mom Strength

Research shows that the brain changes in profound ways when you become a parent, in ways that allow you to focus intensely on what’s most important—typically the safety of your child. Knowing my child was safe and well-cared for by her dad, perhaps I was

Layering Effectively for Backpacking

As the weather shifts colder, it can become more challenging to determine what exactly you need for an upcoming backpacking trip. While the individual pieces may change, the principle remains the same as for summer. The rules of light layers and pack by threes still

Letting Go of Western States!

It’s been heavy on my mind for at least the past 6 to 12 months, and it just does not go away. So here it is, I am giving up on my quest for running the Western States® 100-Mile Endurance Race! The post Letting Go of

Roasted Vegetable Tart

This month’s Trail Sisters recipe is brought to you by the next generation. A surly group of kids who have grown up and are doing their darnedest to add more vegetables back to the dinner table. With that said, we bring you the roasted vegetable

Still a Trail Sister? A New Mom’s Reflections

Nine years ago, I ran my first ultra. Now, the challenge of being a new mom is exhilarating and sometimes daunting. Our community has been essential. The need for patience is ever-present. I still love the sport. My current ultra-just looks different right now… The

Hiking Goals: Where to Start?

What I’ve come to love about the hiking lists and goals is that you can go at your own pace — or the pace your current life allows. You can spend a few months checking off summits or spread it out over decades. The post

Along for the Rise

For many, weekends are reserved for long training runs. I find that the weekends are also great for baking. When I decide to try a new baking recipe, I get that same nervous excitement I get when I sign up for a race in which

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