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Training Flat, Running Mountains

Growing up in the Midwest, running in the mountains was far from anything I ever thought about doing. But my running progressed throughout my adult life and I entered the world of ultramarathons in my 30s. The post Training Flat, Running Mountains appeared first on

Against the Odds

Diagnosed with Lupus almost 13 years ago, I was certain that my active life was over. During this time, I was more of a “let’s do a 5k” kind of girl, my family was very active. Hiking and exploring consumed almost every school break. The

The Highs and Lows of the TransRockies

“Today is hard”. That was the text I sent my husband on Stage Two of the TransRockies Run. We had just climbed and descended Hope Pass. It was a short mileage day with only thirteen miles to cover, but with about five miles left, I

Trail Spotlight: Bartram Trail

If you’re looking for a short, late season thru-hike, look no farther than the Bartram Trail. The BT is an ~115-mile-long trail that roughly retraces 18th century American naturalist, William Bartram’s exploratory route through the Southeastern United States. The entirety of the trail is within

A Love Letter to Western Pennsylvania Trail Running

If you’re not from Pittsburgh, thinking of the city might invoke scenes of smokestacks, steel mills, or black and gold sports gear, not trail runs along steep, technical trails. You might wonder: Are there even mountains in Pittsburgh? The post A Love Letter to Western

Ripping off the Backpacking Bandaid

If you’re thinking about it, you’re ready. Listen. You’ve looked at the pictures and read the posts about hiking to these incredible places you can only get to by foot. You’ve decided to try it. You are about to backpack for your first time! The

Trail Partner

Milo would love this spot. I imagine him lying in the creek lapping up the ice-cold water. I close my eyes, and I hear his soft panting and the jingle of the metal tags affixed to his collar as he canters behind me. For the

Down but Not Out

About a year ago, I reached a breaking point with road running. Ten plus years of pounding the ground with little to no injury was finally catching up to me. My feet were tired and hurt, and the pain was starting to inch up my