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8 Tips For Staying Hydrated While Running

Dehydration can ruin your running performance and sometimes your health. It can lead to weakness, illness, and injury, and significantly reduce your performance. If you’re running around the block, you can get away with waiting until you’re home to drink. But on longer runs, hydration

Best Insoles For Heel Pain in 2021

  When we walk or run, there’s a direct impact on the heels. This can lead to heel pain but other foot conditions can also cause stabbing pain in the heel. The best way to reduce heel pain is to make sure that your foot

When Was Running Invented? A History of the Sport

Running is said to be the oldest sport in the world. Humans started to run over two million years ago! Research done on fossils found by paleoanthropologists show that running shaped our anatomy into what it is today and that running was born out of

8 Treadmill Workouts For Overweight Beginners

Running on the treadmill is one of the best ways to start incorporating exercise into your life. It’s convenient and easy to use at any time and you can run at your own pace. If you are looking to shed some extra pounds you’ll find

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

Many runners find listening to music while they exercise to be motivating and entertaining. Research also suggests that listening to music you enjoy when running can reduce feelings of fatigue. But when running, you need a high-quality set of earphones or earbuds that won’t fall

10 Top Quad Exercises For Runners

When we run, our quads move our legs forward. But they also stabilize the knee, control deceleration and help absorb the shock of footstrikes. This creates muscle tension in the quads, and this can lead to reduced mobility as well as back and knee pain.

Best Insoles For Standing All Day in 2021

  There’s nothing worse than getting home after a full day at work and having aching feet. You may have tried foot soaks, massages or even resorted to painkillers. You may even buy new shoes to try and reduce the pain that comes from being

Energy Chews Vs Gels – Which Is Better?

It’s no surprise that during long runs we find ourselves running out of energy. This is when it’s time to take some nutrition and pop back into form. Two of the most popular products to take are energy chews and energy gels. Both provide an