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Triathlon Packing Checklist For Race Day

Have you ever arrived at your triathlon event only to realize that you’ve left something important behind, like your wetsuit or your energy gels? Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to quickly run home and grab it before the start! To avoid the panic and possible

Best Walking Shoes For Bad Knees in 2021

  The knee is one of the most injury-prone joints in the body. It takes a force of up to four times your body weight when you run. When out exercising, choosing the best walking shoes for bad knees can reduce pressure on these joints.

How To Use A Running Metronome

The human body runs on rhythm. Our circadian rhythms tell our bodies when to sleep and when to wake. Our hearts beat in a structured and steady way. We breathe evenly. We walk steadily and in a measured way. Even when we’re bored, we tap

How To Prevent Toe Holes in Running Shoes

There are so many things runners have to take into consideration when buying running shoes. You’ve taken your foot shape into consideration and the fit is great, and there’s a good balance between comfort and stability. You may even feel like the shoe has a

Best Hoka One One Shoes For Walking in 2021

  If running is too hard on your joints, walking is an excellent exercise alternative. You may be surprised at what a good workout you can get and how many calories you can burn! But whether you’re walking or running, wearing high-quality shoes is important.

Best Thigh Compression Sleeves in 2021

  Do you find your runs cut short because your quads and hamstrings can’t keep up with the rest of your body? Aside from doing quad exercises and hamstring stretches, thigh compression sleeves could be your new best friend. Runners who need extra support for

Best Sports Shoe Bags in 2021

  As runners, most of us love our running gear! Socks, beanies, electronic gadgets… You name it, if it improves our performance, monitors our training, and makes us feel awesome, we have it! But protecting our gear and gadgets is often not a priority! Without

Best Maternity Sports Bras For Runners in 2021

  When it comes to shopping for running gear, few things are more critical for a woman than finding the right sports bra. The wrong bra can lead to painful chafing, a lack of support, and a miserable exercising experience. If you do manage to