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Best Bike Trainer Mats For Triathletes in 2021

  Bike trainers are excellent tools for triathletes who want the ability to train at home. But using them can lead to scratches or scuff marks on the floor, or noisy vibrations while you ride. If you live with someone else or have an apartment

New Balance 993 vs 990

New Balance makes excellent quality running shoes and are known for their variety of sizes and widths that can accommodate every type of foot. If you’re looking for a daily running shoe that looks good, has adequate cushioning and doesn’t have complicated technology, the 993

Beginner’s Guide To Triathlon Clothing

Are you considering entering a triathlon? If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge than running, it’s an excellent way to increase your fitness and add a few types of cross-training to your routine. If you’re new to the idea of triathlons and

Best Smart Trainers For Triathletes in 2021

  One of the best devices for triathletes is the smart bike trainer. These allow you to train whenever you want, regardless of weather or time of day in the safety and convenience of your home. Our top picks is the Elite Suito. It’s a

What Is A Quadrathlon?

A triathlon is often the next step up for runners who are looking for a bit more of a challenge. It consists of three disciplines; swimming, cycling, and running. Those who aren’t sure about swimming might go for a duathlon first, which adds a cycling

How Athletes Can Clear Up Acne

Acne is the most common skin condition and affects up to 90 percent of the world’s population. It can have many causes, such as hormones, medication, and stress. But athletes are likely to suffer from acne more often than people who aren’t active, especially severe

Best Hair Ties For Running in 2021

  Runners are all about comfort when we’re on the road or trail. We place emphasis on choosing the right shoes for our feet, wearing the right gear to stay comfortable, and even the right way to tie our shoes. But what about keeping long

What Is The Event Order Of A Triathlon?

What is the event order of a triathlon and why is it done that way? You can’t just decide which of the three disciplines you want to do first; there’s an order and you have to stick to it! First comes the swim, next up

Marathon Fueling Strategies and Tips

Training is essential if you want to run a marathon. But no matter how much you train, there’s one thing that can truly make or break your performance on race day, and that’s how you fuel. Making sure your body has enough energy on race

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