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9 Yoga Postures For Runners

When it comes to cross-training, yoga is a healthy and low-impact form of exercise that can help to improve strength and flexibility, leading to better running performance. If you haven’t tried yoga yet as a way of improving your performance and speeding up recovery, we

How To Tape An Ankle For Running

Running comes with risks, like overuse injuries. Other times, you might just trip and fall. A sudden fall can cause ankle pain, whether it’s a strain, a sprain, or something else. Not only is this painful, but it’s highly annoying and can cut into your

Best Compact Elliptical Machines in 2021

  If you’ve chosen to do your cross-training on the elliptical and you’re looking for a machine to buy, you’re in luck! We’re reviewing the best compact elliptical machines. One of the biggest problems with buying an elliptical machine to use at home is finding

How Long Does It Take To Walk A 5k?

If you’re just starting to walk – or someone looking to up their game – you might be considering signing up for a 5k race. While most entrants choose to run or run/walk the race, there are many who will walk the entire thing. If

Yoga And Running: Why Runners Should Try It

Yoga is an ancient practice that many people associate more with spirituality than with sports. But yoga and running go well together! While it certainly can be used for spiritual purposes, it can also be an excellent way of stretching and breath control that can

Best Running Shoes With Arch Support in 2021

  When you run, there’s a lot of pressure on your foot—about three times your bodyweight—and it increases as your muscles fatigue. If your shoes don’t provide enough support for your arches, you could end up overpronating—rolling your feet inwards—which can hamper your performance and

Is It Ok To Sleep In Compression Tights or Sleeves?

Compression tights have many benefits – recovery, improved performance, enhanced blood flow. But have you ever wondered—is it okay to sleep in compression tights or sleeves? It’s a good question, but it all depends on your goals and what compression gear you want to wear.