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8 Triathlete Swimming Drills

For many, the swim leg of the triathlon is tricky to train for. Most of us begin as runners or cyclists, and when we move into triathlons, swimming is a completely new sport to learn. While it’s easy to work out a running or biking

Best Bike Trainer Rocker Plate in 2021

  Want to challenge yourself in a fun way that will also increase your cycling strength and build real-world power on the road? You should consider investing in a bike trainer rocker plate. A bike trainer is an excellent tool for working out indoors, any

Best Triathlon Bike Rack in 2021

  One of the fun things about taking part in triathlons is that you get to travel for events. You can see a bit of the country while engaging in your competitive side! But packing your car for a triathlon can be tricky. Clothing is

Can You Overdose On Electrolytes?

If you’ve ever been three-quarters of the way through a race and hit that wall, you should understand why electrolytes are so important. Forget to pay attention to your electrolyte consumption, and you could end up with terrible cramps, nausea, or just an absolutely flat

10 Tips To Increase Your Cycling Power

Runners tend to focus on metrics like speed, heart rate, and cadence to track their performance. But when it comes to measuring your cycling performance, the better metric to track is your power. A power meter is a piece of equipment every triathlete should have.

Best Triathlon Bike Computers in 2021

  Have you ever tried to check your metrics on a GPS watch while you’re speeding along on your bike on a ride? It’s not easy to monitor your data on a watch while riding. Even less so on a phone. If you want your

Best Cycling Gloves in 2021

  We all know that protecting your head is the most important thing when cycling. A MIPS helmet is your most prized possession on the bike. But there are other parts of your body that take a beating when you ride, and that’s it even

Best Triathlon Bike Accessories in 2021

  If you’re a triathlete, you most likely have a whole lot of equipment. As runners, we already love our gear! But when you add bikes and swimming accessories into the mix, it makes for a whole lot more stuff. If you love handy gear

Saucony Endorphin Pro+ Review

  Saucony’s carbon-plated racing shoe, the Endorphin Pro, made its debut in 2020. It was followed not long after by the Pro 2, with a few but well-received updates. The Saucony Endorphin Pro+ is the latest iteration, released just this week. It’s the lightest of

What Should You Wear Under A Tri Suit?

If you’re new to triathlons, you may be wondering exactly what kind of clothing you need. Choosing the wrong gear can cause you to be uncomfortable during your race, which isn’t great when it comes to, you know, racing. Most triathletes understand the best piece