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12 Tips For Running In Snow And Ice

Running in winter can be difficult, and not only because it’s hard to get out of bed on cold mornings! But even if your willpower is strong enough to get you out of your warm bed, there are some hazards in winter that you don’t

Is It Ok To Go Running With A Broken Toe?

Runners are no strangers to injuries. They can have us sitting on the side for a few weeks. Most runners will tell you their own story about the most common running injury that they’ve experienced, from Achilles tendonitis or IT band syndrome to hamstring injuries.

Best Swim Buoys and Swimmers Floats in 2021

  Safety is the most important aspect of any sport. When you’re swimming in open water, staying safe and being prepared is even more essential, because if something goes wrong you are further from help. Swim buoys and swimmers’ floats are designed to serve multiple

Best Triathlon Saddles in 2021

  Your tri saddle might seem like a small component, but it can make or break your training ride or race. Road saddles might see you through many training miles, but they won’t necessarily be a good choice for a triathlon. The best triathlon saddles

Best Sunglasses For Triathletes in 2021

  Triathlons require a bit of preparation before you leap right in. You need to train for three different sports, figure out your packing list for the event, and make sure you fuel up adequately and with food that won’t cause stomach issues during the

What Is The Pose Method Of Running?

Proper running technique is essential for a variety of reasons. Not only does running with good form drastically reduce your chance of becoming injured, but it also has the potential to dramatically improve your performance. The Pose Method of Running is a running technique that’s

The RPE Scale – What Is Rate Of Perceived Exertion?

While any exercise is better than no exercise, if you want to see results you need to exercise with high intensity. There is a place for low to moderate-intensity exercise in training programs. But if you want to improve your performance, increase your cardiovascular strength

How Many Miles Is A 10K?

Races come in many different distances. Some distances are in kilometers and others are in miles. But the most popular race distances are the 5k, 10k, half marathon, and marathon. In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about 10k races.

Should I Run A Marathon? Reasons You Should Run

Running is a progressive sport. You start off just trying to run around the block. And once you conquer that, you add a new challenge. Most runners start slowly, with running around the block or on the treadmill. For most new runners, the first race