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ElliptiGO – The Runner’s Bike

If an elliptical and a bicycle fell in love and had a baby, that would be the ElliptiGO. It’s a hybrid machine, but it’s a unique and fun alternative to cross-training. If you want to get outdoors in the fresh air and do something a

Best Walking And Hiking Socks in 2021

  If you’re going to be hiking or walking for exercise or just for enjoyment, you need a pair of the best walking and hiking socks. They are designed to be comfortable and protective no matter whether you’re wearing walking shoes or hiking boots. Our

Tempo Runs – Why They Should Be Part Of Your Training

If you’ve been running for a while, you’re probably familiar with high-intensity interval training. You’ve most likely also done your fair share of easy runs or recovery runs. But what about the whole range in between those two paces? Runs that aim for that middle

Best Air Bikes For Home Gyms in 2021

  Putting together your own home gym is a worthwhile investment. You can exercise using the equipment you like and are comfortable with, you don’t have to wait for machines to become available and it’s super convenient. A treadmill is the natural cardio choice for

Why Am I Coughing After A Run?

It’s a common occurrence among runners. You have a great run and arrive home feeling good, and then it starts—a cough that lasts for an hour or so after your run. This can lead to other symptoms like a sore throat, sore chest, or fatigue—depending

Best Triathlon Cycling Shoes in 2021

  Triathletes know that your gear can have a direct impact on your performance. When cycling, in addition to riding a great triathlon bike, you’ll need a pair of the best triathlon cycling shoes. They’re designed specifically to make riding stable and effective and to

Best Bike Rollers For Triathletes in 2021

  Looking for a way to get more hours in the saddle without leaving home? If you’re training for a triathlon or bike race, it makes sense to train on the bike you’ll be riding with. You can do this at home with a bike

Best Triathlon Bike Covers in 2021

  The biggest piece of triathlon equipment is your bike. To keep it safe and at top performance, a bike cover is necessary to protect it from dirt and dust when in storage and when you’re transporting it. We have chosen the ZEAL Pro Bike

Best Aero Bars For Triathlon Bikes in 2021

  Whether you’re riding in a triathlon or a time trial, aerodynamics are an important factor on the bike. Aero bars can help cyclists optimize their position on the bike in order to be as streamlined as possible. We have selected the Zipp Vuka Clip

What Changes In Your Body When You Start Running?

If you’ve just recently started running, you may be noticing some changes to your body shape, metabolism, muscle mass, and energy levels. Runners who have recently begun but haven’t yet noticed any difference, keep going! It may take a little while, but you may be