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Best Swim Socks For Triathletes in 2021

  Running in cold weather can often help to get the blood flowing and keep you warm. But swimming in the cold can be a different experience – and a much more uncomfortable one. If you are training for a triathlon in cold weather, it

Best Clipless Triathlon Pedals in 2021

  Looking for an easy way to improve your biking performance in a triathlon? Investing in a set of clipless triathlon pedals could be the answer. If you’ve been using regular flat pedals, you may be surprised at how much a clipless pedal can boost

Triathlon Vs Ironman – What’s The Difference?

If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge than regular races, you’ve probably considered a triathlon. And if you’ve been looking into triathlons, chances are you’ve come across the Ironman. Wondering if you should do a regular triathlon vs Ironman? What’s the difference?

How To Increase Your Running Stamina And Endurance

Stamina and endurance play a huge part in your success as a runner. It’s not just for ultra marathons or long-distance events, either. If you’re running anything longer than a sprint, your endurance and stamina are important. This is where beginners often struggle. Even intermediates

Best Gel Insoles For Running in 2021

  If you’ve got foot pain, the way your shoes fit might be to blame. All shoes are designed differently, so one brand may fit differently to another. Unless you know what works for your feet and you only buy certain shoes because of that,

Best High-Top Running Shoes in 2021

  High-top shoes are generally known to be for fashion and not for sports. But they do serve a particular purpose when it comes to running – providing exceptional ankle support (if you choose the right ones). Runners with weak ankles may find that high-tops

The Best Good Carbs For Runners

All human bodies need certain nutrients. But athletes need to pay closer attention to these nutrients in order to maximize their body’s performance! The main macronutrients we need are protein, carbs, and fat. Some “healthy cultures” (diet plan, fitness gurus, etc) tell us that carbs

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