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Best Running Shoes With Arch Support in 2021

  When you run, there’s a lot of pressure on your foot—about three times your bodyweight—and it increases as your muscles fatigue. If your shoes don’t provide enough support for your arches, you could end up overpronating—rolling your feet inwards—which can hamper your performance and

Is It Ok To Sleep In Compression Tights or Sleeves?

Compression tights have many benefits – recovery, improved performance, enhanced blood flow. But have you ever wondered—is it okay to sleep in compression tights or sleeves? It’s a good question, but it all depends on your goals and what compression gear you want to wear.

How To Carry Your Keys And Phone On A Run

When it comes to running gear and apparel, many runners prefer light running shoes and fitted clothing. If you need to carry your keys and phone on a run, it can feel like they get in the way. But there are methods to carry your

12 Balance Board Exercises For Runners

When you run, you aren’t just using your legs. Your upper body plays a role too, mainly your core. The core is responsible for the balance. A strong core will help you to do everyday things more easily, like bending over and pulling yourself back