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Benefits of Using Compression Boots

Do you suffer from swollen legs, poor circulation, or DOMS after exercise? Compression boots could be the solution you’re looking for. The benefits of using compression boots are many. From faster recovery to increased circulation, it’s worth trying them if you struggle with your legs

Most Comfortable Running Shoes in 2022

  Stability vs neutral. Cushion vs responsive. Yes, getting those right is key. But what really makes a difference is finding the most comfortable running shoe. Comfort can make or break your run! You can have all the tech you want in your shoes, but

Tips for Running With Raynaud’s Syndrome

We’ve all experienced decreased circulation in our fingers or toes when it’s extremely cold. It’s uncomfortable and can also be painful, but for most of us, it’s not a serious condition. However, some people suffer from a more severe version of this common occurrence, known

Do You Suffer From Runner’s Face?

When we talk about running (which we do quite a lot), we often discuss leg muscles. Sometimes we talk about the upper body, like when we get into cross-training. We write about the stomach and how it can affect your running. Mental health is another

How Runners Should Manage Hamstring Pain

Every runner deals with pain differently. Some try to push through it, while others immediately take a break. Still others will make a doctor’s appointment to make sure the pain isn’t anything to worry about. But there are still ways and means of handling pain

The 8 Types of Runs in Your Training Program

If you’re following a good training schedule, you should be doing a variety of different types of runs. Most often, you’ll see 8 kinds of runs in your training program in order to give you the most well-rounded training experience. Your training plan might not