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Training Tips for Walking a Half Marathon

Walking a half-marathon is a great goal, and it’s not as hard as it may sound! It’s becoming more and more common to walk races instead of running them, which is excellent for those who still need to build up their fitness levels. Whether you’re

EP 589: TRAINING PRINCIPLES – Strength Training Most runners don’t like strength training, including many of our experts in this episode.  Our experts discuss why it is important, how we can implement it into our training program and the benefits. Michael Wardian is a great example of how strength training can help

So You Want to Run UTMB?

The post So You Want to Run UTMB? appeared first on iRunFar. Zach Miller writes about changes to the UTMB qualification system and how they impact our sports. So You Want to Run UTMB? by Zach Miller…. Read More

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