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Shoe Despair – Again!

Just when I began the long road back to training and  possibly racing ultramarathons again, my shoe obsession reared its head. It was 9 years ago when I became untethered from a trustworthy shoe, and haven’t been the same runner since.  But alas, after many

Age? What Do We Know About Age?

Getting back in the ultra-running saddle has taken some time for me. Three and half years to be exact. I’ll just chalk it up to life getting in the way. The particular saddle was the Ranch 50k which took place last weekend, on my 60th

Cumulus Climbing

  A welcome view at 7,500′. San Bernardino National Forest.   Originally posted here: Read More Source: An Ultra Runners Blog

Feeling at Home

It’s been a couple years since I’ve been out running on the trails consistently. It’s good to be back out there…to see the raven, and the hawk, and of course the road runner. I hope I never take these guys for granted. They make me

Beyond the Chatter

I recently signed up for a mindfulness based stress reduction class. The concept, based on a meditation method developed by a microbiologist named John Cabot-Zinn, is to be able to reduce stress by practicing formal mindfulness meditation.  Zinn said that most people don’t realize that

Available Now

“The miracle is not to walk on water. The miracle is to walk on the green Earth in the present moment, to appreciate the peace and beauty that are available now.” Nhat Han   Originally posted here: Read More Source: An Ultra Runners Blog

Buried Deep In All of Us

Perhaps it is the hunter gatherer genes that are buried deep in all of us, but the need to be outside is something I believe cannot be taken for granted by us homo sapiens. After all, if our ancestors survived by roaming large spaces in

Running and Therapy

It has been said that running (exercise in general) is therapy for the mind as much as it is the body. I can’t think of a year other than this year that this would ring  more true. I would be in a much darker place

Above the Clouds

  Been a while since I’ve been out running on the mountain (one year?). I don’t know how or why I’ve let this essential activity slip away for so long. I was reminded of how much I miss it after climbing with Kevin S above

Reach Out and Touch the Pepper Tree

If you are ever in need of a reminder of why getting out of the house to go for a run is better than staying inside and grinding a peloton or treadmill, try running under a pepper tree. When you do, reach up and grab