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How To Choose Running Socks

What’s the next most important item of running gear after your shoes? You may be thinking of your smartwatch or your hydration pack. After all, your stats and making sure you’re hydrated are pretty important. But if you’re running with blisters on your feet, you’re

Best Walking Shoes For Underpronation in 2021

  Overpronation happens fairly often. Having a neutral foot is even more common. But underpronation isn’t often seen. It’s when the foot rolls outwards (on the outer edge) when you run or walk. Underpronation is more common with people who have high arches. The problem

How To Choose A Knee Brace For Running

Up to 70 percent of runners experience knee pain at some point. The good news is that knee pain isn’t always serious and it can often be treated at home. With care and the right treatment, you can return to running soon after the knee

Best Summer Sandals For Runners in 2021

  Protecting your feet is essential for runners. But it’s just as important when you are not running as when you’re on the road or trail. When it’s hot out, chances are you want to wear open shoes. The best summer sandals for runners need

Hoka One One Zinal Review

The post Hoka One One Zinal Review appeared first on iRunFar. A video review of the Hoka One One Zinal. Hoka One One Zinal Review by Travis Liles…. Read More

Best Triathlon Hydration Systems in 2021

  Hydration is key for any sport. Dehydration is one of the most common ways to lose performance during a race or while you’re training. On a bike, it’s just as important to stay hydrated as it is while running. Sure, you have your water

Best Nikes For Standing All Day in 2021

  Individuals who spend a lot of time on their feet during the day are at risk of leg and foot pain, back problems. Plus you just need a pair of comfortable shoes! Wearing the right pair of shoes can reduce these risks significantly and

Best Walking Shoes For Overweight Men in 2021

  Walking is a great way to exercise. It’s easier on the joints than running, and you may be surprised to learn that you can burn up to 300 calories in an hour walking at just 3.5 miles per hour! If you’re considering walking as