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EP 568: How to Deal With Aid Station Emergencies Our good friend and running doctor, Mark Cucuzzella, joins us again to discuss common medical issues that you might experience on the trail, causes and treatments. Dr. Mark’s Run for Your Life Podcast Dr. Mark’s book, “Run for Your Life” Make sure you watch his 8:25 Video that

2022 USATF 100K Road Championships Race Preview

Written by USATF Championship liaison Lin Gentling. Fourteen years is a long time to have hosted the USATF 100K Road Championships, but this is the sustaining record that Mad City Ultras race director, Timo Yanacheck, holds for this event. He knows what he is doing

EP 552: David Horton: Always Searching for the Next Challenge David Horton is a 5-time finisher and won the first two Hardrock 100 races.  He has competed in over 160 ultras with 40 wins. He is one of 14 finishers of the iconic Barkleys Marathon.  But wait, he has also set speed records on the Appalachian

Trading Mountains for Asphalt

I am that person. You know the one whose social media shared all of the photos of scenic views, mountains, switchbacks, boulders, rivers, wildlife, changing colors of the seasons, and snow. Then life happened. My husband’s job changed, and we trekked across the country. We

Life After

Moving forward. That is my mantra as I hike uphill on Catalina Island. Off the coast of southern California, I struggle under both the weight of my pack and my sadness while the hot sun beats down. In the months after my husband’s death, I

Cold Weather Running Jacket Review

Ever head out for a winter adventure assuming you will warm up after a mile of effort, but never do? Or you layer up according to the forecast but halfway through your adventure the weather turns and you find yourself racing home for warmth and

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