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Month: November 2023

EP 652: Maintaining Balance in Your Life Are you grappling with the challenge of balancing your career aspirations, family responsibilities, fitness goals, and other personal pursuits? You’re not alone. Nick Jonsson, a figure synonymous with achieving an enviable equilibrium in life, faced similar challenges. As a top executive and an accomplished triathlete,

The Racing Trap

I encourage anyone reading this to find those “outside of race” moments. Find your people. Take a run. Take a hike. Go with the fast group. Or go with the slow group. Feed someone oranges. Just…make sure that you find your people. The post The

Trail Runners Got Goat

This is a story for trail runners who seek adventure and high places. It is a story for the ones who climb, no matter the terrain, and seek to find the inner mountain goat waiting inside us all. The herd follows me. I’ve laid claim