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Month: October 2023

Becoming a Runner: Unleashing the Athlete Within

Belief is not given, it is earned. Through hard work, discipline, failures, and countless repetitions, the work comes before the belief. No one is born “lucky”, luck is simply when preparation meets opportunity. No one is born a runner, they put in the mileage day

Best Running Headlamps of 2023

The post Best Running Headlamps of 2023 appeared first on iRunFar. If you need a running headlamp, then check out iRunFar’s guide to the best available today. Best Running Headlamps of 2023 by Alli Hartz…. Read More

UltraSignup Presents the Bentonville Dirt Circus

The following press release was provided by ATRA corporate member UltraSignup and features the inaugural Bentonville Dirt Circus events. UltraSignup, in collaboration with Rush Running Company and Visit Bentonville, will stage the inaugural Bentonville Dirt Circus 10K and 5K races on November 17-18, 2023.The host

EP 647: Mitochondria – the Powerhouse of our Bodies Today, we’re going to explore the microscopic powerhouses that fuel every step of our runs: mitochondria. Often referred to as the ‘batteries’ or ‘powerhouses’ of the cell, these tiny organelles are where the magic happens when it comes to producing the energy we need,

Topo Traverse Review

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