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Month: July 2023

This Week In Running: July 31, 2023

The post This Week In Running: July 31, 2023 appeared first on iRunFar. This Week in Running’s trail and ultra recap for July 31, 2023. This Week In Running: July 31, 2023 by Justin Mock…. Read More

Team USA Announced for Challenge Stellina

The 35th edition of Challenge Stellina, a 14.3K uphill race with 1500 meters of climb, will take place Sunday, August 27, 2023, in Susa, Italy, and Team USA will be on the start line. Four athletes, two men and two women, along with one staffer,

EP 634: Beyond Carbs – The Ketogenic Edge Welcome to today’s episode, where we explore an exhilarating topic that’s been gaining traction within the endurance sports community: the fascinating role of ketones in enhancing athletic performance. Ketones, a type of fuel utilized by the body when glucose levels are low, have proven

The Women of the Hardrock 100

The post The Women of the Hardrock 100 appeared first on iRunFar. A look at the growth in women’s participation in the Hardrock 100. The Women of the Hardrock 100 by Andy Jones-Wilkins…. Read More

Understanding Vinaigrette

In this month’s column, we bring a few very easy and tasty vinaigrettes to a kitchen or bbq near you. Vinaigrettes that can be used for salads, marinades and that have a twist of protein or other nutrients added for additional benefits. The post Understanding

Trail Runner’s Shoe Review: VJ Shoes XTRM 2

Trail runner Sarah Barber reviews the XTRM2 from VJ Shoes. The shoes were provided at no charge for the review and VJ Shoes is an ATRA corporate member. Finding my glass slipper I’ve spent the past two decades believing that I’m terrible at running on