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Month: June 2023

EP 630: Rediscovering Your Mojo on the Trail We all know that feeling when running starts to feel like a chore rather than a passion. But fear not, because Coach Patrick Reagan is here to share his personal journey of rediscovering his running mojo and provide expert advice on how you can do the

Stories Matter in ED/DE Recovery

Editor’s Note: This article speaks about eating disorders and may be triggering for some folks. Let me begin by giving you some background information about myself: I’ve been a university professor for the last 13 years. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder/disordered eating (ED/DE) for

Valsir Mountain Running World Cup Heads to Portugal

This press release from the World Mountain Running Association was written by Kirsty Reade with photos by Marco Gulberti and is a preview of the Montemuro Vertical Run, the second Gold Label race of this year’s Valsir Mountain Running World Cup. On July 2, the

adidas Adizero SL Running Shoe Review

The adidas Adizero SL is a lightweight running shoe, designed to be an entry-level daily trainer with a nice spring for a touch of responsiveness. The SL means “super light,” and that’s exactly what this shoe is, in both weight and price. It’s a good-looking

Trail Thoughts

One of the most common questions for a runner – “why do you run?” I’ve honestly never thought about it. I have been running for 43 years and it’s never crossed my mind as to why. But I do wonder, what do other trail runners