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Month: November 2022

ATRA Member DYNAFIT Becomes First Official Partner of ITRA

Announcement from American Trail Running Association (ATRA) member DYNAFIT. The International Trail Running Association (ITRA) is the leading umbrella organization globally for the sport of trail running. Now, ITRA and DYNAFIT are announcing their partnership. That makes the brand by athletes for athletes that develops

New Mom Strength

Research shows that the brain changes in profound ways when you become a parent, in ways that allow you to focus intensely on what’s most important—typically the safety of your child. Knowing my child was safe and well-cared for by her dad, perhaps I was

Layering Effectively for Backpacking

As the weather shifts colder, it can become more challenging to determine what exactly you need for an upcoming backpacking trip. While the individual pieces may change, the principle remains the same as for summer. The rules of light layers and pack by threes still