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Month: August 2022

Pacific Northwest Charm in “Trail Town” Mukilteo, WA

Welcome to another installment of our “Trail Town” series highlighting the charming Pacific Northwest town of Mukilteo, Washington. Contributions and photos by Tammy Dunn and Dan Olson of the Snohomish County Sports Commission. Mukilteo is a waterfront community situated on Puget Sound in Snohomish County,

Best Water Purification for Trail Running of 2022

The post Best Water Purification for Trail Running of 2022 appeared first on iRunFar. Check out iRunFar’s picks for the best water purification devices for trail runners and ultrarunners. Best Water Purification for Trail Running of 2022 by Alli Hartz…. Read More

EP 584: Knowing Our Community: A Look at Some Recent Surveys We all are part of The Nation. What does that mean? How does The Nation look? What gear do we use? There have been a few surveys conducted in 2022 that help us understand. Check out the ITRA Survey ATRA also conducted a Survey

Lessons From My First 50

Greetings from the other side of a 50 miler; the recovery side. The side where you process everything while the body repairs. There is a lot to process because this wasn’t just another 50 miler, it was my first and over 14,000ft of elevation gain


The post Impermanence appeared first on iRunFar. An article on impermanence and the fragile beauty in the world around us. Impermanence by Hannah Green…. Read More

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