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Month: July 2022

Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags of 2022

The post Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags of 2022 appeared first on iRunFar. Here are the best ultralight sleeping bags for fastpacking available today. Best Ultralight Sleeping Bags of 2022 by Ben Kilbourne…. Read More

America’s Best Mountain Runners Return to Challenge Stellina

For more than a quarter century elite American athletes have crossed the pond for one of Europe’s historic mountain running races, the Challenge Stellina in Susa, Italy. Impressive past American performances include World Mountain Running Championship silver medalist Dave Dunham who ran 1h22:48. In 1994,

EP 582: Chasing That Imperfect Perfect Day Elite runner, Tim Tollefson, had a great spring training and racing leading up to his A-race, the Western States 100 Endurance Run.  His expectations were high and many thought he would be able to best his 2021 fifth place finish.  Tim joins us to shares what

Returning to the Desert

The post Returning to the Desert appeared first on iRunFar. A article about the Arizona trail running tradition back through the years. Returning to the Desert by Andy Jones-Wilkins…. Read More

The Ups and Downs of Night Running

I am passionate about running relays. I love how it builds community and encourages (necessitates?) collaborative problem solving. Most relays aren’t inherently competitive and if you are looking to reignite your passion for running, I’ve seen relays be wildly effective. It’s the avenue of life

Altra Timp 4 Review

The post Altra Timp 4 Review appeared first on iRunFar. An in-depth review of the Altra Timp 4. Altra Timp 4 Review by Molly Schmelzle…. Read More