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Month: June 2022

Trail Runner’s Book Review: Running and Returning

Running and Returning: Seeking Balance in an Imperfect World, by Vicki Ash Hunter, PhD. CG Sports Publishing, 2022. Reviewed by trail runner Laura Clark. Laura is an avid mountain, trail and snowshoe runner who lives in Saratoga Springs, NY, where she is a children’s librarian.

How to Choose a Good Running Hat

We all love our running gear. I’m willing to bet many of us runners have an arsenal of gear… Some of which we probably don’t even use! Of course, some equipment is more important than others. Your running shoes, for example, need to be top

What to Look for When Choosing a Massage Gun

No matter how much you love your foam roller, a massage gun just reaches some spots that a foam roller can’t. Every runner should have one in their recovery arsenal! But do you know what to look for when choosing a massage gun? It’s an

There’s Power Within a Mother’s Body

To a mom, her body can be unrecognizable after the daily, monthly and yearly tolls of motherhood. Yet, she can create life, be exactly the support that a child needs through the hardest moments and still show up for herself through it all. That’s the

The Story So Far: Holly Page

The post The Story So Far: Holly Page appeared first on iRunFar. An in-depth profile of fell runner and trail runner Holly Page of the U.K. The Story So Far: Holly Page by Sarah Brady…. Read More

Pre-Run Nutrition for Energy & Performance

Are you fueling your runs, or running on an empty tank? If you plan to take a road trip through the mountains, wouldn’t you make sure your car was fueled and running efficiently before the trip? Thinking of your body in the same way will

The 59-Mile Week

The post The 59-Mile Week appeared first on iRunFar. An excerpt from the book “The Art of Misadventure: Volume I” by MK Thompson. The 59-Mile Week by MK Thompson…. Read More

Mind over Master

As this day and year have been approaching, I’ve been reflecting a lot on how I feel about being ‘middle aged’ and grappling a bit with the label that will unwillingly be thrust upon me – Masters Athlete. The post Mind over Master appeared first