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Month: February 2022

Why is Blood Testing Important for Athletes?

By tracking these five biomarkers throughout your training cycle, you can transform your overall health, performance, and recovery. Discover which ones to starting monitoring today.InsideTracker has identified five main blood biomarkers that relate to performance and recovery.  All five of these biomarkers are measured as part

EP 560: Spin the Bottle with TRN Sometimes we just have to have a light fun episode.  We invited Andy Jones-Wilkins to join us on a new type of episode, Spin the Bottle, a randomized vocabulary game.  Join us and play along. We referenced AJW’s postmortem episode shortly after his first

Benefits Of Cross Country Skiing For Trail Runners

Cross training – also referred to as physical activity(ies) in which athletes participate in addition to their primary sport training – allows runners to supplement their running volume, increase strength and improve their fitness in new and different ways. Common cross training activities for runners

Camille Herron Breaks 100 Mile World Record

Written by USATF Championship Liaison Meghan Canfield. Photos by KEVLV Photography. Camille Herron and Arlen Glick win 2022 USATF 100 Mile Road National Championships A star-studded lineup toed the line at Jackpot Ultra Running Festival’s 100-mile USATF National Championship, which was held Friday February 18th,

What’s Your Why?

On any weekend you’ll probably find me on a trail and when you do, my snail pace and all-purpose hydration pack will lead you to assume that I’m a struggling newbie. You’ll most likely find that I’m back running trails the next weekend, the one

Beyond the Chatter

I recently signed up for a mindfulness based stress reduction class. The concept, based on a meditation method developed by a microbiologist named John Cabot-Zinn, is to be able to reduce stress by practicing formal mindfulness meditation.  Zinn said that most people don’t realize that