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Year: 2021

Graduated: Stepping Down to Step Up

The post Graduated: Stepping Down to Step Up appeared first on iRunFar. Sandy Stott tells us about his experience at the Randolph Ramble, and how the race has helped him grow. Graduated: Stepping Down to Step Up by Sandy Stott…. Read More

Should Runners Use An Altitude Tent?

Altitude training has always been something that endurance athletes and ultra runners have done to prepare themselves for the grueling challenges they put their bodies through. But in recent years it’s become a training tool that athletes of all kinds use to improve their performance

EP 548: Bon Courage: How to Become More Courageous Bon Courage is an essential French expression for offering verbal support before or during a difficult task.  Similar to the English, “good luck” but with a twist.  Luck is outside of our control, where courage is something we can control. Returning Guest,Hillary Gerardi, joins us