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Month: December 2021

Life After

Moving forward. That is my mantra as I hike uphill on Catalina Island. Off the coast of southern California, I struggle under both the weight of my pack and my sadness while the hot sun beats down. In the months after my husband’s death, I

Best Treadmills for Tall Runners in 2022

  When you’re a taller-than-average person, many things don’t work quite as well for you as they do for everyone else. For example, when you’re tall, a treadmill isn’t just a treadmill. It can double up as a pain-inducing torture device if it’s not the

Cold Weather Running Jacket Review

Ever head out for a winter adventure assuming you will warm up after a mile of effort, but never do? Or you layer up according to the forecast but halfway through your adventure the weather turns and you find yourself racing home for warmth and

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