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Month: May 2021

We Are Runners

The post We Are Runners appeared first on iRunFar. Zach Miller writes about defining one’s identity as a runner. We Are Runners by Zach Miller…. Read More

Can You Go Running On An Empty Stomach?

Intermittent fasting can be an excellent tool for weight loss and an effective way to stick to a diet when you’re training. But if you are doing intermittent fasting while you have a full-time job and a family, it can be difficult to schedule your

Best Stocking Stuffers for Runners in 2021

  When you become a runner, there’s a high chance you’ll suddenly develop a love for running-related gadgets, gear, and gels! Whether you are a runner or you know and love a runner, these little things always go down well as a gift. And with

Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel Review

The post Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel Review appeared first on iRunFar. A review of four products in Vuori’s women’s performance apparel line. Vuori Women’s Performance Apparel Review by Kristin Zosel…. Read More

Catching Up With Matt Daniels

The post Catching Up With Matt Daniels appeared first on iRunFar. A video interview with Matt Daniels after his win of the 2021 Smith Rock Ascent 50k. Catching Up With Matt Daniels by Meghan Hicks…. Read More

The Pack Burro ASS-ociation Back In Full Swing

Almost exactly one year ago I interviewed Brad Wann of the Western Pack Burro ASS-ociation (WPBA) to learn how the pack burro community was adapting to the pandemic, pivoting to virtual races and finding creative ways to keep the sport alive. Now, I’m catching up

Running and Sleep – How Much Do Runners Need?

If you want to perform at your best consistently, there are a few things you need to get right. Nutrition, an effective training program, supplements, and recovery are all important parts. But often, we forget something that’s arguably the most crucial element – sleep. Lack

The Vices of Perseverance

The post The Vices of Perseverance appeared first on iRunFar. Sabrina Little examines the virtue of perseverance, and what happens if we practice it in excess in our running. The Vices of Perseverance by Sabrina Little…. Read More

How To Deal With The Post-Marathon Blues

So you’ve been training for months for a race, sticking to a strict nutrition plan, and working on beating your time by a few seconds each week. Finally, the day comes! You run a super marathon and finish tired but happy. You celebrate with family