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Month: May 2021

Getting Out of the Door When You Lack Motivation

The post Getting Out of the Door When You Lack Motivation appeared first on iRunFar. Coach Alex Nichols shares tips for getting out the door to run when motivation is lacking. Getting Out of the Door When You Lack Motivation by Alex Nichols…. Read More

Best Swim Buoys and Swimmers Floats in 2021

  Safety is the most important aspect of any sport. When you’re swimming in open water, staying safe and being prepared is even more essential, because if something goes wrong you are further from help. Swim buoys and swimmers’ floats are designed to serve multiple

Best Triathlon Saddles in 2021

  Your tri saddle might seem like a small component, but it can make or break your training ride or race. Road saddles might see you through many training miles, but they won’t necessarily be a good choice for a triathlon. The best triathlon saddles

UK Trail Runner Sets Record Plogging Across Northern England

Announcement from American Trail Running Association member inov-8. Photos: Leo Francis / Ultramarathon runner Damian Hall has set a new record time for “plogging” the 185-mile Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route. Running west to east, from St Bees on the Irish Sea coastline to

Catching Up With Darcy Piceu

The post Catching Up With Darcy Piceu appeared first on iRunFar. A video interview with Darcy Piceu after her win of the 2021 Jemez Mountain 50 Mile. Catching Up With Darcy Piceu by Meghan Hicks…. Read More

EP 522: Failure is Part of Success In running failure might manifest itself as a DNF at a race or a failed workout. Many of us are programmed to believe that failure is bad. In this episode, we will challenge that fallacy and talk about how failure is part of the

When Dangerous Weather Hits

The post When Dangerous Weather Hits appeared first on iRunFar. AJW reflects on dangerous weather conditions he’s previously experienced while running ultramarathons. When Dangerous Weather Hits by Andy Jones-Wilkins…. Read More