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Month: April 2021

Fatigue Resistance and Ultrarunning

The post Fatigue Resistance and Ultrarunning appeared first on iRunFar. AJW writes about the emergent scientific idea that endurance-athlete performance is linked with high fatigue resistance. Fatigue Resistance and Ultrarunning by Andy Jones-Wilkins…. Read More

Simple Rules with Stephanie Howe This is an “Out and Back”, encore episode that we recorded in 2016 with Dr. Stephanie Howe. She had recently finished her PhD in Nutrition & Exercise Physiology at Oregon State.  She has taken her passion of running and transformed it into a career

Do AirPods Fall Out When Running?

Many runners find listening to music while they exercise to be motivating and entertaining. Research also suggests that listening to music you enjoy when running can reduce feelings of fatigue. But when running, you need a high-quality set of earphones or earbuds that won’t fall

10 Top Quad Exercises For Runners

When we run, our quads move our legs forward. But they also stabilize the knee, control deceleration and help absorb the shock of footstrikes. This creates muscle tension in the quads, and this can lead to reduced mobility as well as back and knee pain.

Featured Trail Town – Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania

Welcome to another installment of our “Trail Town” series, this time spotlighting the Lehigh Valley region located in eastern Pennsylvania. Written by Bree Nidds and Mary Coryell, this feature was provided by Discover Lehigh Valley. Lehigh Valley is home to Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton, as

Brooks Catamount Review

The post Brooks Catamount Review appeared first on iRunFar. A video review of the Brooks Catamount trail running shoes. Brooks Catamount Review by Travis Liles…. Read More