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Month: March 2021

Catching Up With Grayson Murphy

The post Catching Up With Grayson Murphy appeared first on iRunFar. Catching up with professional road, track, and trail runner Grayson Murphy. Catching Up With Grayson Murphy by Justin Mock…. Read More

Best Surge Protectors For Treadmills in 2021

  Imagine arriving home, anticipating a leisurely treadmill run, avoiding the rain and cold outside. You put on your running shoes, step onto the treadmill, press the power button, and nothing happens. A treadmill is one of the biggest investments you can make as a

Carbo Loading – Does It Improve Performance?

Have you ever heard of Arthur Lydiard? If you’ve been running for many years, chances are you know who he is. But if not, he’s one of the most well-known and admired running coaches the world has ever seen! He had some unusual training methods,

EP 515: Can Science Trump Intuition? Hutchinson rejoins The Nation to help us understand the latest research as it relates to endurance sports. We discuss:– What Marathoners (and Badminton Players) Think About– Yes, Walking is Sometimes Faster Than Running Uphill– Don’t Judge a Runner’s Efficiency by Their Stride– Scientists Weigh

Tayte Pollmann’s Top Five Mountain Outpost Videos

Since 2016, The Mountain Outpost Youtube channel, featuring Schuyler Hall and Jamil Coury, has produced some of the most popular and creative trail running-related videos. Over the years, the channel has published several creatively themed playlists including Mountain Outhouse News, Run Flat, Stay Low, wacky

A Wonderful Weekend in the Ozarks

The post A Wonderful Weekend in the Ozarks appeared first on iRunFar. AJW writes about running the 2021 Three Days of Syllamo stage race in Arkansas. A Wonderful Weekend in the Ozarks by Andy Jones-Wilkins…. Read More

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