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Month: September 2020

Above the Clouds

  Been a while since I’ve been out running on the mountain (one year?). I don’t know how or why I’ve let this essential activity slip away for so long. I was reminded of how much I miss it after climbing with Kevin S above

Reach Out and Touch the Pepper Tree

If you are ever in need of a reminder of why getting out of the house to go for a run is better than staying inside and grinding a peloton or treadmill, try running under a pepper tree. When you do, reach up and grab

Ultimate Direction Running Vest Review

I recently took a trip to Colorado to bag 14,000ft peaks with two of my friends, Scott Wesemann and Pete Stoughton. For four days we ventured into the back country, often times out for 6+ hours. Having a vest that … Read the rest The post Ultimate Direction